Smart Allergy, Asthma & COPD
Air Quality Alert System
Detect Airborne Contaminants and Toxins in Real Time

AlerSenseTM is the world’s first smart allergy, asthma and COPD air quality
alert system and can be used as a part of your overall Allergy, Asthma and COPD management plan.

Particle Sensor
Particle Sensor

Sensor that counts large and small particles (triggers)

Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor

Measures the relative humidity in the room

Air Quality Sensor
Air Quality Sensor

Detects airborne contaminants using a VOC Sensor

Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Important measure for a controlled environment


Enables the device to connect to the cloud via the WiFi router

Mobile App

App for real-time data and customized alerts

Mobile App
Easy Set Up

Plug-n-Play technology, gets running in minutes

Easy Set Up

AlerSense™ delivers precise in-home
measurements of airborne contaminants and toxins
such as pollen, mold, dust, chemicals
and animal dander.

How does it work? AlerSenseTM detects small quantities of gas toxins in the air as well as particles such as pollen and mold, and then combines them with environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity. The AlerSenseTM unit is in constant communication with the cloud. Data from your environment is automatically uploaded, then proprietary algorithms determine the quality of your environment and report on the presence of contaminants via a mobile app.

AlerSense™ is designed to give consumers
time to remove themselves from, or alter
the environment prior to contaminants
and toxins building up to critical levels.*

AlerSenseTM acquires the current particle and toxin concentration in the environment through its internal air circulation system, then immediately reports contaminant levels to the consumer via a mobile app and in-unit LED display. AlerSenseTM is built from the same components and technologies installed in the clean rooms of the largest microchip manufacturing companies in the world. We are now bringing this powerful technology to consumers.

AlerSenseTM Uses

monitor overall home air quality
At Home

For allergy and asthma sufferers or to monitor overall home air quality

Baby’s Room Air Quality
Baby’s Room

Monitor air quality 24/7 for your baby

Physician’s offices
Physician’s offices and Allergy or Asthma Clinics*

Why not monitor air quality for your staff and patients?

Workplace Air Quality Monitor

Monitor air quality in your office*

Monitor classroom air quality

AlerSenseTM can be used to monitor classroom air quality or as part of an educational program (science classes)

Place AlerSense in hotel rooms

Place AlerSenseTM in hotel rooms for sensitive guests or just to keep an eye on in-room air quality

Real Estate Rental Units Air Quality
Real Estate Rental Units

Monitor air quality for tenants in apartments or other units

Day Care Centers
Day Care Centers

Monitor air quality for children at day-care

Senior Care Facilities
Senior Care Facilities

Ensure that air quality is monitored for Seniors

Air Quality in Gyms, Athletic Facilities, Spas
Gyms, Athletic Facilities, Spas

Keep an eye on air quality within fitness rooms and workout areas

*Note that AlerSenseTM is not a medical or consumer safety device. AlerSenseTM should not be used in place of smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. AlerSenseTM is an overall air quality detection and alert system that can be used as a part of your overall allergy, asthma and COPD management plan. AlerSenseTM is not for industrial use. If you are interested in our line of industrial grade sensors please contact us using our contact form. In a medical emergency, please dial 911.

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