AlerSense Air Quality Alert System

I had asthma since childhood, to this day I still suffer from asthma. usually have to get clean air to the cause of asthma. Asthma is shortness of breath, a continuation of the sensitive conditions when excessive body’s reaction to a substance such as mold, pollen, animal dander, chemicals, fumes, perfumes, certain foods or medications. Germs in the nose and throat may also, cause asthma attacks.


AlerSense has created the world’s first smart airborne allergy and asthmaearly warning system alerting consumers as particles and toxins build. AlerSense™ is an in-home unit when, combined with the mobile app, delivers accurate environmental readings, giving asthma and allergy sufferersprecious time to remove themselves from, or alter the environment to possibly mitigate or avoid an allergy or asthma attack. 

Looking Forward to AlerSense for Managing Allergies and Asthma

My girlfriend and I both suffer from allergies, and Melissa suffers from Asthma, and there are certain times of the year where we really struggle to function.  We try to manage our conditions by running air purifiers in our home, but there are times when there are particles in the air (such as pollen) that really just blindside us and we find ourselves struggling to make it through the day.

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