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– by Skip, CEO of Alersense

Meet AlerSenseTM

The World’s First Smart Allergy, Asthma and COPD Air Quality Alert System.
(AlerSense learns and becomes part of your overall Allergy, Asthma and COPD management plan)

AlerSenseTM combines air quality data, specific user input and artificial intelligence to learn and forewarn asthma, allergy and COPD sufferers of air quality that could lead to a possible attack.

COPD, asthma and
airborne allergies
affect over 20% of the
world’s population.

The AlerSenseTM system
monitors the home
environment 24/7 and sends
alerts to your mobile app
as changes occur.
Monitor your home from
anywhere, anytime.

Alert your family when
airborne contaminants like
pollen, animal dander, mold
and toxins increase.

Airborne contaminants and toxins can
be detrimental for those with Allergies, Asthma and COPD.
AlerSenseTM monitors the air quality in your environment,
continuously scanning for contaminants.

AlerSenseTM cloud based algorithms use pattern recognition to identify and predict events that could lead to allergy or respiratory attacks


Enables the device to connect to the cloud via the WiFi router

Mobile App

App for real-time data and customized alerts

Mobile App
Easy Set Up

Plug-n-Play technology, gets running in minutes

Easy Set Up
Particle Sensor
Particle Sensor

Sensor that counts large and small particles (triggers)

Humidity Sensor
Humidity Sensor

Measures the relative humidity in the room

Air Quality Sensor
Air Quality Sensor

Detects airborne contaminants using a VOC Sensor

Temperature Sensor
Temperature Sensor

Important measure for a controlled environment

AlerSenseTMhas been developed
from the same technology
currently used in industrial-grade
air quality monitoring.

AlerSenseTM also acts as an
environmental monitor for your baby
silently and continuously measuring &
reporting airborne contaminants, toxins,
humidity and temperature.

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