Frequently Asked Questions

AlerSense is not in beta and is fully functional along with the app and cloud-based analysis of the data generated by AlerSense. We expect to continually improve the entire system and rollout improved versions of the app along with stronger and more accurate algorithms.

The full retail price will be $249. However we are offering a discounted price for preorders. See our e-commerce section for the current price.

AlerSense is available now for preorders. Visit our e-commerce page to purchase at a discounted rate.

Yes, we warranty that your AlerSense Monitor will be free from any defects for one year after delivery.

If you are not satisfied with the AlerSense Monitor, you can return it for a full refund within the first 60 days after you’ve received it, no questions asked. If you have pre-ordered AlerSense you can cancel your pre-order for a full refund any time before shipment.

Send us a note via our customer service contact page and we will issue a refund within 10 business days.

You can pre-order it today.

You can order it online at our e-commerce page on

Today we are focused on the US and Canada. We’ll be announcing availability in other countries shortly. Please join our email contact list for international orders.

We are always looking for super smart people who share our passion for improving the lives of families. Email us at with a copy of your resume.

AlerSense is built for home, office, classroom or other, non-industrial plant uses. AlerSense can be used in hotel rooms, vacation homes, rental units and anywhere where air quality should be monitored.

Safety and Comfort

The AlerSense Monitor uses standard WIFI technology, which is present in many homes today.

The current features built into the product do not require FDA approval. In addition, the AlerSense Monitor is not a medical device.

We don’t believe that any product can truly guarantee safety. However we have gone through a rigorous testing, and are certified via both UL and CE.

No. If you think you have a medical emergency, please dial 911.

No. Your home or office should have smoke alarms or other fire safety systems. In the event of a fire, dial 911.

No. We recommend that you purchase and install a separate carbon monoxide monitor.

The Product

AlerSense™ is a sensitive and accurate airborne allergen and asthma smart early warning system which delivers precise in-home measurements of contaminants and toxins such as pollen, mold, animal dander, dust mite waste and volatile organic compounds (toxins or VOC’s). AlerSense™ hopes to help consumers prior to allergy or asthma attacks by alerting users as particles and toxins build-up. Whether pollen, mold, animal dander or toxins, AlerSense™ give consumers precious time to remove themselves from, or change the environment prior to contaminants building up to a critical level.

The AlerSenseTM Smart Air Quality Sensor for Allergies and Asthma is designed to detect indoor air quality constituents which may act as ‘triggers’ for people suffering from asthma, allergies and other respiratory allergies. Triggers are contaminants present in the air that could elicit a negative response from individuals who suffer from a range of respiratory ailments. These triggers in a household may include dust, pollen, mold spores, airborne dust mite allergens and chemicals or toxins in the air. Many people with respiratory issues are affected by these pollutants, and may also be unaware of their own specific triggers, making it difficult for them to predict impending issues.

The AlerSenseTM system continuously monitors the ambient air in your home. This data is transmitted to a cloud based server where it is analyzed and interpreted, allowing for the creation of individualized ‘smart’ alerts which users receive on their smartphones. These alerts are smart due to their personalized nature, combining up to date air quality data, historic user data and previous user feedback through the app. The AlerSenseTM system continuously refines the user alerts – for example, matching current air quality statistics to previously flagged instances of allergic hypersensitivity or general discomfort, essentially helping to warn of the possibility of a repeat issue. The alerts will include links to resources that help to prevent recurrences of bad air quality, and suggestions on how to deal with the possible underlying issues that are causing the air quality contamination. AlerSenseTM uses proprietary algorithms and data in order to continually improve sensing conditions in the home. AlerSenseTM combines proprietary algorithms and user data in order to continually grow and adapt to your specific lifestyle, ensuring a personalized experience.

As the Alersense system becomes smarter, adapting to your personal living space and environmental conditions, the alerts become further refined while helping users to maintain a watchful eye on their living space. Additionally, the system can be customized for each room of a user’s home, and even each family member. By monitoring various points throughout a user’s home, a real time air quality system is running, allowing for the management of airborne pollutants. The smart phone app is developed specifically to allow for this combined monitoring platform, and is designed to provide a simple and accessible user interface to ensure your data is at your fingertips 24/7.

AlerSense integrates with the AlerSense app on both iPhone and android. Users are able to input personalized feelings and behaviors which are then correlated to the precise conditions at that time, in the environment. Since each user is different, and responds differently to environmental conditions, the AlerSense system is smart and begins to learn what triggers cause physical issues as the environment changes.

AlerSenseTM consistently monitors both coarse and fine airborne particles, as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals released from a range of sources, such as cleaning products and modern household furnishings.

In addition, AlerSenseTM consistently measures both temperature and humidity. Our algorithms look for air quality trends in your home environment, and monitor for combinations of pollutants that may lead to allergic hypersensitivity or asthma episodes.

AlerSense monitors overall air quality benefiting all members of the household, young and old.

AlerSense is based on industrial-grade particle detection technology, and has gone through rigorous testing over a multi-year period.

AlerSense uses a standard AC outlet and requires connection to WIFI. In addition, users must have a smartphone using the android operating system or an iPhone and also download the associated AlerSense app.

AlerSense can cover any room up to 500 ft.². If a consumer would like to monitor different rooms in the house, where doors are usually closed, we recommend one monitor per room. This is because compounds may build up behind closed doors while not evident in other rooms.

Yes. A home, business or school can have up to 10 AlerSense units all working together to monitor air quality. All units have a unique identifier so data from each room will be monitored differently.

No. At the moment there is one size and style of AlerSense detector.

No. AlerSense is not waterproof and should only be used indoors.

App and Insights

The AlerSenseTM app will allow consumers to monitor air quality throughout the household via a variety of AlerSenseTM monitors. Households can have one monitor or many. Additionally, AlerSenseTM is smart. Via our cloud-based algorithms and app, AlerSenseTM learns what conditions affect various family members. Via the AlerSenseTM app, users can enter reactions, whether allergic or asthmatic, which will be recorded against the environmental conditions. AlerSenseTM will learn and get smarter so that each family member can have forewarning as potential allergens build up. The App will allow consumers to track conditions, time and elements that caused the allergic reaction or asthma attack, thereby giving consumers stronger information in order to avoid recurring problems moving forward. Note that this is not a medical device and cannot be relied upon to prevent an allergy or asthma attack, but rather acts as a guide to ensure that consumers are monitoring their environment and taking positive steps.

Currently, AlerSense works on the following iOS devices: iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air 2,iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch 5G, and all later versions. Additionally it works on all android versions.

The AlerSense unit will provide a color-bar reading of the environment if you do not have a smart phone. The color bar will show green for an environment that is ok, yellow for an environment that is trending towards poorer air quality conditions, and red for an environment where air-quality conditions need to be adjusted. However, AlerSense will not work nearly as well without the AlerSense App, which needs a compatible smartphone.

No. AlerSense TM requires that consumers download the smartphone app on Android or IOS devices.

Yes, we have designed the app to support multiple family members and their individual sensitivities towards particles and VOCs.

No. The data is only available via the app.

We feel strongly about ensuring that your data remain private and protected. Please see our full privacy policy.

AlerSense is based on industrial grade particle detection technology. We have not found that the unit degrades in quality or accuracy.

No. AlerSense is currently only able to sync with a single household phone.

Not at this time.

All data collected via our cloud based system is scrubbed so that there are no personal identifiers. AlerSense will utilize data to predict trends in geographic areas. Any data that is provided to third parties will be via contracts and will not disclose any information about our consumers.

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